Quantia’s TrueTick service delivers timely liquidity analytics

Quantia's TrueTick order book analytics

TrueTick order book analytics transforms high message, rate low information density raw level 2 market data into an information-enriched low message rate stream. The enriched stream can include both real-time liquidity information and market state alerts.

TrueTick makes liquidity information accessible

While new dimensions of market state awareness can be gained from level 2 or order book data, the shear raw message rates make processing and management an intimidating prospect. The low information density, in terms of new information per message, aggravates this problem. As an example of this low information density, consider how few quote ticks in a level 2 stream set a new best bid or best offer. As further evidence, consider that the ratio of quote messages to trade messages is often 1:20 or greater.

Quantia’s TrueTick service provides high fidelity summaries of level 2 market data streams. This process effectively enriches the order book data with a significant reduction in message rate and an increase in information density.